Sunday, 13 May 2018

IEARN January-May 2018 Computer Chronicles Final Project

 Celebrations in India

Celebrations from India from katyasvirid

Mother's Day in Egypt

 Celebrations in Ukraine

New Year 

Why do you like holidays ? 
My favourite holiday is New Year . I celebrate it with my family and with our family traditions.And I also have a lot of days off ahead.For each person, a miracle comes home on New Year's Eve. Which every person is looking forward to.When I meet guests, then it happens very late.One night after the new year has already come, we with all family started fireworks and salute.Several years ago I stopped believing in Ded Moroz. Then I was disappointed, but I calmed down because I was given gifts.After that I went to bed.While I was sleeping my parents were cleaning up.So we celebrated the New Year a few years ago.Maybe I would like a little more holidays.Anyway I love the New Year.Next to the New Year there are many more different holidays. 
I think that the New Year is one of the best holidays. thumbsanta

An article about a holidayYehor Horlenko Some years ago I had the best New Year in my life.
I had some guests. It’s my friends and my brother. We had tasty food:sandwiches, mashed potatoes, fried turkey and many drinks. After wonderful dinner we played different board games: monopolia and other games. While I was playing games with my friends, my brother was dancing. He loves music dubstep and rock. After these fun entertainments we went outside to blow up fireworks. It was amazing, because we saw a lot of spark. In the end we came home аt 5 o’clock and we went asleep...



This year Ukrainians celebrated Easter on April 8.

Independence Day
Hi all, 
Here is story about Independence Day of Ukraine from 
Mykhailo Ivashchenko and Eugene Yarowoy. 
Ukraine is our Motherland, our parents, friends, our life. 
Everything is great - mountains, misterious castles, 
wide and fast rivers, beautiful nature is Ukraine . 
Ukraine is old history our lands and our ancastors. 
Independence Day of Ukraine is a national holiday celebrated every year on August 24. 
This day is weekend for us.We wear national clothes called Vyshywanka. 
And the Ukrainian flag in each hand and on each car. 
Slava Ukraini!!! 

Monday, 19 February 2018

Ms Savchenko. Project idea

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles
Sponsoring Teacher: Tetiana Savchenko
Sponsor School: Troyeshchyna Gymnasium
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine
Name of Project: Customs and traditions

Goal Of The Project: Learn more about holiday celebrations in different countries.

Type Of Writing Requested: Students' articles to Celebration column.

Description Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools: 
Students' articles with the information in the most appropriate format:
word, video, pictures, photos, drawings about holidays and celebrations in their countries.

Questions : 

1 What are the main state holidays
  in your country?
2 How are they celebrated?
3 Are these holidays free of studying?
4 Are there any traditional dishes
  for these holidays?
5 Are there special presents
  for the holidays? 

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School: Any reasonable number.

Preferred Length Of Articles: About 100 words.

Deadline For Receiving Information :April 15, 2018